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With decades of combined experience, Biggins Law Group has developed and refined the creative and strategic legal skills necessary to manage even the most intricate of situations with successful results for their clients.

Practice Areas

Our experience ranges from trials to arbitration to settlements and mediation for our clients
in the following areas of practice:


Biggins Law Group offers extensive experience defending and prosecuting claims in state, federal and appellate courts.

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When an injury affects your life, we are here to help and have over a decade of experience making sure victims receive justice.

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Contract Law

If you are about to enter into a contract, suspect a breach of contract, or are in lititgaion over a contract..

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Copyright Trademark

Establishing and protecting your brand, image, products and services is crucial to your business.

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Commission Disputes

Biggins Law Group has more than a decade of proven experience recovering large sums of commissions owed..

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Employment Law

We represent hard working private and government employees who have been unlawfully treated in a variety of situations..

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Known for its expertise in successfully handling difficult and complicated personal injury and civil litigation cases, Biggins Law Group has developed a solid reputation for providing a superior level of client service, trial and mediation representation.

We hold our professional standards, ethics and integrity at a level that consistently surpasses their clients’ expectations.

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