Establishing and protecting your brand, image, products and services is crucial to your business. Whether you need to register a product name, logo or tagline, or suspect copyright infringement, Biggins Law has the proven experience to ensure you are protected.

Intellectual property can include things such as a copyright, a trademark / trade name / trade dress, or a patent. Chad Biggins has dealt with all aspects of copyright and trademark / trade name / trade dress claims, both employing state and federal laws. (Patent law is not within Mr. Biggins’ practice area, but he knows really good patent lawyers if you need one.)

Aside from registering copyrights and trademarks, Mr. Biggins has extensive experience litigating disputes about copyrights and trademarks in state and federal court.

In 2009, Mr. Biggins won a jury trial on behalf of Radio Korea, New York, who was being sued by Radio Korea, Inc. over the alleged misuse of the registered trademark for Radio Korea. Despite the fact Radio Korea, Inc. in fact owned a registered trademark in the words “Radio Korea,” Mr. Biggins prevailed on his argument that the specific location of the broadcast in New York dictated the fact that no consumers were confused about the source of the radio broadcasting when they turned on their radios since Radio Korea, Inc. did not broadcast in New York. In fact, in addition to the fact Mr. Biggins obtained a defense verdict, the Federal Court ordered Radio Korea, Inc. to reimburse Mr. Biggins’ client’s attorney’s fees and costs. Mr. Biggins tried the case by himself against two attorneys on the other side.

In 2011, Mr. Biggins tried a trademark infringement case on behalf of the plaintiff, a memory module company. This trademark case was tried to a jury in the Orange County Superior Court. In this case, the jury found the defendant liable for infringement and awarded Mr. Biggins’ client over $400,000 in damages. The court further granted Mr. Biggins’ attorney’s fees. In this case, Mr. Biggins worked with another lawfirm from Wisconsin in achieving the result.

Mr. Biggins has represented countless other clients in copyright and trademark cases. While every case is indeed different, the knowledge and trial savvy Mr. Biggins has from both Federal and State court trials is something which not many lawyers have done.

If you have a claim involving trademark or copyright infringement, please contact Chad Biggins to discuss your case.

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